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Sweet and Spicy Contemporary Romance

A Tropical Romance

The Keys to Paradise is here!

Sometimes you don't have to search for a treasure — it may be hidden right in front of you!

Somewhere in her heart, Jules Neuberg found the strength to forgive her husband for impregnating a woman he claimed was a stranger. But when she learns the woman was no one-night stand, and that her wealthy in-laws want their son to make it work with the mother of his child, Jules’s whole world crashes.

With her divorce in the works, Jules’s friends aren’t about to let her spend an anniversary alone and book a surprise vacation to Florida. Hearing about their plan, Jules refuses to go, but hastily changes her mind learning about the birth of her husband’s son.

Once in Key West, Jules struggles to find the energy to fake a good time and decides to forget everyone else and focus on herself. When Dalian Carter, the gorgeous resort owner, suddenly finds her interesting, she wonders if he could possibly be for real.

Are the tropical winds of paradise whispering lasting love or a heartbreak hurricane?

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