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Ryley is here!

She’s climbing the steps to her dreams, and he’s shaking up more than her corporate ladder!

Faithful to her friends, and determined to follow in her father’s successful footsteps. 

Advertising executive Ryley Sanders is fresh from her girls getaway to Paris and ready to take her career to the next level. Her eye is on the director’s position at her company, and nothing is going to stand in her way. She’s the golden girl of the agency and usually heads up projects solo, so when her boss hires hunky executive Matt Kantor to co-head with her on a major campaign, it puts a crucial glitch in her plans.

Will Ryley learn to work with Matt—and can they keep it strictly professional? 

Ryley isn’t thrilled about sharing the limelight with the new guy, especially when she wants to shine alone in the eyes of upper management. Charismatic Matt has his own ideas that have swayed their boss into siding with him on vital campaign decisions.

Love isn’t on the agenda, but will it be what it takes to seal the deal this Christmas?