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Sweet and Spicy Contemporary Romance

Book 3 of the Heartbeat Series

Only a Heartbeat Away is here!

A heart’s true strength is measured by its capacity to forgive.

All is fair in love and … whatever you want your lying ex to believe.

When Jolene Garrison returns to the small town of Watson to be maid of honor for her sister’s wedding, she convinces everyone that a great job awaits her back home. In reality, she has no job and few remaining options. And facing the best man — Michael, the sexy ex-lover who broke her heart — has her emotions tangled into a knot. But Jolene is determined to show him that their relationship meant nothing and that her real estate career is off to a dynamic start. When she’s offered her dream job from the town’s aspiring hero, she surprises herself and everyone else and decides to stay. Is it possible to exist in the same town with the man she once engaged in a sex-with-no-strings relationship?  

Can a scoundrel become a saint?

Michael Cameron knows he’s been a dirty, rotten scoundrel and sees what his bad behavior has cost him. He’s working on righting his wrongs but can’t seem to undo his worst mistake: hurting Jolene with lies and betrayal. His love for her is deep, but he believes she’ll be better off without him. Keeping some distance and his emotions in check at the wedding shouldn’t be a problem, knowing Jolene will be out of his life in a matter of hours. But when he learns she accepted a job with his high school nemesis and will be staying indefinitely, his world spins out of control. Can he convince himself to give up the woman he loves?

 Will the flame of Jolene and Michael’s love be rekindled, or will it dim with each passing heartbeat?

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