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Sweet and Spicy Contemporary Romance

Heartbeat of Desire is here!

Love doesn’t always grow where it’s planted, but sometimes it grows wild where you least expect ….

A single woman operating her own farm in 1972? That’s crazy! But one woman’s determination to be successful intrigues two brothers and sparks a rivalry between them to possess her.

Newly widowed Cheryl Langtree has sworn to fulfill three promises to her late husband: to continue running the family farm, to raise their young son, and to be happy.

Romance is the last thing on her mind when neighboring brothers Michael and Brett Cameron vow to compete for her heart — and her land. Fueled by desire for both, the brothers invent creative ways to get into Cheryl’s world and are arrogant enough to believe nothing is off limits — including church and using their own mother — to get their way.

Thrown together by an unexpected event, Cheryl finds herself in the arms of the third and eldest Cameron brother, Jake, who is engaged to the woman of his dreams. Or at least his mother seems to think so.

When the Cameron brothers’ feud intensifies, it threatens a budding relationship — but will it destroy their family’s legacy as well?

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