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Sweet and Spicy Contemporary Romance

Book 2 of the Heartbeat Series

Revenge in a Heartbeat is here!

How much turmoil can a new relationship endure and still survive?

Can revenge destroy a newfound love?

Cheryl Langtree’s first full year of farming on her own has been successful, and a new romance with her sizzling hot neighbor Jake Cameron is beginning to blossom. But just when the future is starting to look promising, Cheryl discovers someone is trying to sabotage her farm — and their romance. Add to that, her spoiled younger sister – in the midst of a messy divorce — shows up and moves in, throwing chaos into Cheryl’s world. Still haunted by her own past, Cheryl tries to help her sister put her life back together and sees her own start to fall apart.

 Their fiery romance ignites an explosive family feud.

Jake will go up against anyone to prove his love for Cheryl — even his mother, who refuses to accept their relationship and tries to maneuver Jake’s ex-fiancée back into his life. When the Cameron family forms a corporation, hostilities between Jake and his brother, Michael, intensify and rivalries build. Jake and Cheryl’s romance is fatally threatened when one of his own partners goes to extremes for revenge.

 Will Jake and Cheryl’s newfound happiness survive, or will it be gone in a heartbeat?

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