Just a Little Patience

Come on already! It feels like January but the calendar says it's April. Maybe it's... Japril. It's hard to believe spring has sprung when snowflakes continue to fall and temperatures are running twenty degrees lower than normal. I guess it gives me more time to submit my book. I know if it were nice outside I would find it hard to sit at a desk and research agencies and their agents. A writer friend of mine said that querying isn't for the faint at heart. She was definitely right. It takes a lot more time and effort than what a person would think. Like I said in my last blog, the average number of queries a new writer sends out before someone agrees to represent their book is around one to four hundred. I'm no where close to that. Meanwhile, in my effort to muster up some patience, I decide to google what it means to be patient: Bearing pain or trials without complaint / showing self-control / steadfast, persevering. I can't complain because I do love to write and if I refrain from ripping my hair out after each rejection, I am showing self-control. I'm more than determined to push on and move forward. I know a mountain is in front of me, but it doesn't scare me as much as it used to. I've already climbed a few on this journey.