Short But Sweet

I hope everyone is enjoying the warm weather. This month my blog is going to be like a Minnesota summer—short but sweet. I am very busy putting the final touches on my book "Ryley." It's a Christmas book that will be out in October/November of this year. No, this isn't a typo. I'm finally going to get a book out there and I'm thrilled about it. Yes!! I believe it's a fun, fast read and I loved writing it. Here is a little more about Ryley: Executive, Ryley Sanders, is headed to the top of the advertising world. Her eye is on the executive director’s position at work and nothing is going to stand in the way of her goal. She's the golden girl of the agency and usually heads up projects solo, so when her boss hires hunky executive, Matt Kantor, to co-head with her on a major campaign, it puts a hindrance in her plans. She isn't thrilled about sharing the limelight with the new guy, especially when she wants to shine alone in the eyes of upper management. To top things off Matt has his own ideas that her boss agrees with. Will Ryley learn to work with Matt, and can they keep it strictly professional? I'm still hard at work on my trilogy and plan to publish it when I feel it's ready. Until then, I'm learning and growing with each step of this journey into the writing world. I feel if I'm pushing forward, I'm headed in the right direction. I plan to post updates on Ryley in my future blogs. This is all for now, I'm off to the woods to pick blueberries. I use a small bench to sit on while I pick because the plants are short, but the berries are deliciously sweet. I'm enjoying everything possible the summer has to offer and I hope you are too!