The Gift of a Thankful Heart

Cheers! I hope you had a great Christmas. And here's to the coming New Year— let it be the best ever. I feel very blessed this year for achieving my long time goal of publishing a book. If I was granted one wish, it would be that whoever read my book Ryley—truly enjoyed it. Thank you for all for your support and for understanding my love of writing. You have helped me along on my writing journey and I am forever grateful. I can't give enough praise to my review team and everyone who purchased my book—thank you from the bottom of my heart. Whether you bought my book or borrowed it from a friend, I hope you were intrigued and entertained with the love story of Ryley and Matt. I'm so excited to get keep moving on my trilogy—The Heartbeat Series. I plan to release the first book—Heartbeat of Desire in May/June of 2020. It's a spicy contemporary romance about the widow next door who unknowingly becomes the love target of two wealthy brothers: Fiery widow Cheryl, struggles to keep the family farm while two neighboring brothers fight to possess her. When she finds herself in the arms of brother number three, Jake, Cheryl can’t stop thinking about him, even though he’s engaged to another. I've started to gather an email list on my contact page of this website to inform and update everyone with my release dates. If you were so kind to sign up, you have my word that I will never share your email with anyone without your consent. And I don't plan to email you to death—I hate that! Happy New Year! Donna