To Each Their Own

I have a friend who often says: "It's exactly the same thing only different." I guess that statement is true in many things, including people. I think all of us have the same basic needs: sleep, fresh air, food, water, shelter, and of course someone to love. Most of us also want to be safe, happy and somewhat successful in what we do. But the thing we should thank God for— is our differences.

My husband loves to fish and talks fishing with everyone he knows. I understand because I love to write and sometimes I can get carried away, too. But my hubby often brings up an important point by saying, "If everyone loved to fish, I wouldn't be able to get my boat in the water because there wouldn't be any room left in the lake with all the other boats."

Think about it — if everyone was doing the same thing, life would get way too competitive and boring.

Like everyone else, I can relate to certain people more so than others. But I always try and see another's point of view, even if I don't agree with them. Just like the characters in my books, I put myself in their shoes and sometimes I see things in a total different way. The facts are that us humans will always have our differences and we can try and accept them and maybe even be thankful we're not all the same.

That said, it brings me to an important part of this blog: I believe that no one should be shamed or bullied, in the name of political correctness to conform to what someone else thinks or believes.

There are and will always be differences in people because that's how God created us. Maybe instead of intently focusing on the dissimilarities between us or pretending they don't exist, why not learn to treat everyone how you would want to be treated.

About the picture in this month's blog post: My husband and I saw the colorful decoys in a pond alongside the road on the eastern border of Minnesota. From a distance, we thought it was garbage in the ditch.The picture shows only a small portion of the pond.There were about a hundred decoys. Each were beautifully painted a different color and pattern!

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