God Is Great, Wine Is good, People Have Always Been Crazy

We all know that we are going through some uncertain times. Between the upcoming election and Covid-19 things couldn't be more crazy. There are too many sources with huge amounts data on all accounts. The media on both sides of the political scale has painted a dreadful picture of what will happen if the candidate on the opposite side gets in or stays in office. And before all that started, Covid created a wave of panic that has taken a huge toll on everyone's mental health for most of the year. What's a person to do?

Shortly after the whole Covid epidemic started, I heard the song by Billy Currington "People are Crazy" and it stuck in my head for months. Of course in my mind, the words changed to wine instead of beer and I reminded myself that some people have always been crazy. But the thing that will never change is the first line in the refrain  "God is great."  Knowing that piece of information, it gives me the strength to move forward. I'm not in denial of what's going on around me on this earth, I've just chosen to live on in spite of it.

I've also learned that staying busy helps, too. Next month I'm releasing the first book in my HEARTBEAT SERIES — HEARTBEAT OF DESIRE. It's a spicy romance about a fiery widow and neighboring brothers who compete for her heart and her land. Caught up in their endeavor, the brothers forget that using too much fertilizer — isn't always a good thing. The story is filled with cutthroat sibling rivalry, blatant flirting and laced with delicious amounts of small town gossip.

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Here is the link for Billy Currington's song "People are Crazy" https://youtu.be/PKpQRjj_WbU