Tally Your Blessings

I know some people say count your blessings, but I say tally them. You ask what's the difference? Tally means to keep a continuous account of something. Most of us can compose a list of people and things in our lives that mean a great deal to us but do we actually tally them as often as we should? We tend to think about them more when events in our lives tip the scales to the good or bad side. We seldom the take time to think about what we are grateful for when things are running at an even clip.

No one needs to be reminded about the challenges created by the Covid pandemic. We've all been affected by it in several ways. And perhaps the recent election didn't go in the direction many had hoped for. Then after all that, we get hit with another blow — we are told we shouldn't get together with our families on Thanksgiving.

It's hard to remain upbeat about our situation, but there are reasons to be grateful. The first time I actually used a computer was in 2010. During the same time I got a new phone and for a few weeks, it was information overload for this gal. I cursed technology. But without it, where would we be now? I don't know what kind of education the children are actually getting, but at least it's something. Could you imagine how things would have been if the pandemic would've occurred in the 70's, 80's, or even 90's? No child would be able to see a teacher for at least a year or two. I'm also thankful for smart phones that make it possible to see our loved ones. I know it's far cry from giving them a hug or a kiss, but at least we can see their faces when we tell them what a blessing they are.

No doubt for me, this year has been one to tally my blessings. I remind myself what my father-in-law had always said, "It's not all bad." Think about it, the Israelites were stuck out in the desert for forty years — this is only a bump in the road. We got this!

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