Step Up Your Game

I think it all started with Covid and the election when I wanted to stay informed on the political issues and what was going on with the pandemic. I began to watch television at any time of the day. The next thing I knew, I wasn't only watching TV, I was binge watching for hours on end. Some would say what's wrong with that? Well, for one thing, I need more to talk about in my life than the shows I'm watching on Netflix. For me, it felt like I was literally wasting my days. So a few weeks ago,I decided to replace my gigantic, time consuming habit with other things that would be more beneficial to me. Hopefully reading my list will give you ideas, too. The following is what I want to accomplish:

Clean out a closet. Many people are making money selling clothes they no longer need online.

Organize my recipe box. Some organize it on their computer or put recipes in albums with plastic sheets.

Organize pictures in family albums or make your own book through Shutterfly or another online company. What about that trip you took? Are the pictures still on your phone?

Plan healthier meals for you and your family. I fall into a rut sometimes and planning something different breaks up the monotony of eating the same old thing.

Plan out what flowers or vegetables you're going to plant in your garden this spring or summer.

Get more exercise. I like dance around the house to fun music. When the ice is gone I will walk the dog more. I know we both desperately it.

Sewing projects — I still wear shoes with heels but not a high as I used to years ago. I found five pairs of jeans in my closet I could wear if I would hem them.

Take one room at a time and spring clean it — or perhaps just one cupboard at a time.

I'm sure you can come up with lots of things that would make your life easier and more organized. The key is to make your mind up to get them done.

The days are getting longer and by the time I write my next blog, it will be another season. Until then, I'm really excited for spring and I hope you are too!

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