On The Road Again

I hope everyone is getting out there and having a great summer. Due to the drought, there isn't any blueberries to pick around our area but there's a lot of things I've been busy with. In my last blog I mentioned I was planning on getting out there to sell my books. So I took a blind leap of faith earlier this month and sold my books at Laporte Days. Laporte is town larger than where I live, but it's still a nice small town. I was really nervous because it was something I'd never done before but once I got going, it was a lot of fun. It seems most of the vendors I've met are really friendly people. I guess that's why they're out there dealing with customers one on one.

Last weekend I was the featured author for a book signing at the Schoolcraft Gallery in Lake George where I live. I couldn't believe how nice people were and how they showed up to support me.

Tomorrow I'm leaving my husband and dog at home and meeting our daughter in Montevideo, Minnesota to sell my books at the Chippewa County Fair. Montevideo and a neighboring town, Watson, are the location where my Heartbeat Series is loosely based. In the first book of the series "Heartbeat of Desire," there are three or four scenes that actually take place at the Chippewa County Fair. My booth is located next to the quilting ladies, which I find coincidental knowing the quilting ladies play a huge part in the series. I used this line in a query letter I sent out a few times, "Meanwhile the quilting ladies are trying to piece together what's going with those good-looking Cameron boys."

I guess throughout this writing journey there's been a lot of new areas to explore and I don't think I would've had the courage to do it on my own. That is why I thank each and everyone of you for your support. For now I best continue packing and get back on the road again!

Revenge in a Heartbeat (A Modern History Romance) https://www.amazon.com/dp/1734084227

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Ryley (A Christmas Romance) https://www.amazon.com/dp/1734084200

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