Positivity — Pass It On!

Recently a friend of mine called and expressed that winter was bringing her down. Even though neither of us are licensed physiologists, we discussed at length what the possibilities were behind her apparent case of the blues. It didn't take too long to figure out there is more than one reason a person gets depressed other than the cold weather. There are several serious unavoidable events in everyone's life like death, Illness, financial and of course relationship problems that impact our lives and can always leave a person down in the dumps.

Personally, if I can't immediately put my finger on the cause of my low spirits, the culprit is usually one or both of the following: I don't feel in control of my life for some reason or I have nothing to look forward to in the near or distant future.

But my friend's problem somehow didn't fit the bill of the things I've mentioned above. So we continued to discuss her feelings and after a while it occurred to me there were a lot of negative people she had to deal with on a regular basis. We both agreed that her association with these individuals was obviously working on her self-esteem, attitude and well being.

Knowing it wasn't an option to stop all contact with these pessimistic people, we came up with a plan to help her out. Together we made a list of her positive attributes along with her aspiring dreams and I told her to keep a copy in her desk drawer at work and on her phone. After a trying episode with a "Negative Nelly," I suggested she read the list to herself. I also told her to try and avoid those miserable souls whenever possible. And if she encountered them and felt sad, she was to schedule something self indulgent — a long bath, manicure, a walk, or spend time with a dear person or a loved pet.

I know steering clear of some people isn't always possible. But all of us desire to be accepted and want to be associated with those who lift us up somehow. People who take the positive road and radiate their own optimism enough to pass it on to those around them. I always gage relationships on how I feel after I leave someone. Do I feel special or valued? Or do I feel ordinary or generic? Am I feeling drug down or inspired?

Seeing how my positivity effects myself and others, I'm going try and pass on good vibes to everyone around me. I hope you will strive to do so, too!

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