A Road Trip to Remember

February 3rd, 2022: Today, I sit by my computer thinking how beautiful the sunshine looks outside. When I step out the door I find the wind is almost nonexistent but it doesn't seem to make a difference when the high temperature for today is at a whopping 7 degrees below zero. I immediately go back inside and start plotting a road trip to a much warmer place. I'm working on a new book entitled "The Keys to Paradise" and I need to do some research and you guessed it — in the Florida Keys. My story is about a broken hearted woman in her thirties who finds unexpected adventure and love on vacation.

February 27th, 2022: We're home! A little tired after twenty days on the road, but thankful we've arrived back in Minnesota in one piece. It was really an exciting and fun trip. We learned somethings about the culture in the southeastern part of the United States and met a lot of intriguing folks. We encountered people from Maine to Kentucky and onward to the Keys. Most we met were friendly and helpful and shared information not only about themselves but about the area where they live. It was interesting to learn how much we all have in common. Several people voiced their political views without any prompting and it was hopeful to learn that as a rule most desired our country to be united.

The thing that surprised me the most was the kindness and respect people had for us. One man we met in Florida insisted we visit him on the way back home. We drove through the rolling hills of Kentucky to his house and tobacco farm near Airedale. He took us for a drive around the area and out for dinner and we ended up staying there for the night. We throughly enjoyed his stories of his travels around the world as well as his knowledge on tobacco farming. Turns out he once was one of the main stars on a reality television show called "Tobacco Wars" in 2014. The show aired for two or three episodes before it was canceled. He said the producer's wife died during that time from lung cancer and the show was immediately canceled.We did tour Ernest Hemingway's home and museum and I loved it. To my hubby's delight we rode on an airboat in the Everglades and saw some alligators.

I do know that it was worth the trip to the Keys for research. There were so many things I learned that I would've never known otherwise. Questions like: why are there chickens running around every where? I don't want to share too much about what I discovered because you'll read it in my next book "The Keys to Paradise". So I better get busy!

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