Brighten Your World

Now that the weather is starting to warm after months of heavy snow, wind and subzero temperatures, I can see that our long, cold winter has taken a toll on some of the trees and wild life around our area. But after listening to people lately, it seems old man winter has also been rough on some of our relationships, too.

Being stuck inside for months can really test a person's patience. Human nature always seems to shine through and it's much easier to see the other guy's flaws and not our own. I always say it's possible the disciples who hung out constantly with Jesus maybe wanted to tell him that he tied his sandals wrong. Who knows?

Earlier this winter, I got out to do a little walking but with the extreme amount of ice and mud that plagues our road it turned into a safety issue and I stopped. So now I turn up the radio and do a little dancing. Keeping myself busy was one  thing that helped me this last few months. I've got a good slab of my new book "The Keys to Paradise" written and it's a good feeling.

Someone made a comment to me recently and said they couldn't understand why someone would want read fiction because it isn't true. I told them fiction in any genre isn't about the factual. It's about putting your troubles aside or maybe even taking on the character's instead of your own. And if the story is good, it can transport you to another world for a while. Often times, I think it's healthy to give our brains a break from whatever is going on in our lives.

I hope the warmer weather will come soon but until then I'm going to try and avoid criticizing myself and others around me. Maybe a few kind words or deeds will brighten their world as well as my own.

Happy reading to everyone!


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