Taking Care of Business

I've been very busy this summer with book signings and trying to get my latest book "The Keys to Paradise" written. I set some goals to make it all happen and I'm working hard to achieve them. Writing a book takes lots of thought and more than anything — time. My biggest challenge is getting it done on time for my editor. If I don't retain her at least a year in advance, it is hard to get an editor and I end up waiting for them to fit me into their schedule. It can be a six month to a year delay.

I really believe this the most romantic book I've written. I've gotten so involved into the story and my characters. There have been some scenes where I stopped writing to cry because I feel so bad for what the characters are going through. I know some people will not understand, but it's how I write. Believability is so important for me as a writer and a reader.

Here is the rough draft of the book cover blurb:

Somewhere in her heart, Jules Neuberg, found the strength to forgive her husband for impregnating a woman he claimed was a stranger. But when his wealthy parents convince him to make it work with the mother of his child, Jules’s whole world crashes from the unexpected.

Now that her divorce is in the works, Jules’s friends aren't about to leave her alone on her first anniversary without the ex and book a surprise vacation to Key West, Florida. Hearing about their plan, Jules refuses to go, but hastily changes her mind learning about the birth of her husband’s new son.

While in Key West Jules struggles to come up with energy to fake a good time and decides to forget everyone else and work on pleasing herself. When Dalian Carter, the gorgeous hotel owner suddenly finds her interesting, she wonders if he could possibly be for real!

Stay tuned to find out when "The Keys to Paradise" will be out this fall! I know some will say fall isn't soon, but in the writing world most authors start making announcements six months ahead. I hope in the end the majority of my readers say it was worth waiting for.

Happy reading to everyone!


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