Stay a Little Longer

I started this blog in the middle of October when a blanket of snowflakes covered the ground outside. Thankfully, it melted and we had a some nice sunny days between then and now. I'm hoping that the snow doesn't make its self at home for at least another month.

I love fall but I always feel like it passes by too fast. A few years ago, I started this story and I continue to add to it every year:

Fall is like a handsome stranger that rides into town on his magnificent stallion and captures everyone's attention with his bright, dazzling good looks. Seeing this gorgeous creature, we forget all about the boys of summer and focus on getting to know the flashy fellow who holds us under his magical, colorful spell. We ooh and ahh and marvel at everything he shows us and we even fool ourselves into believing he'll stick around for a while. Then one dark day his beauty starts to thin and fade and he leaves like a thief out the back door. We call out begging him to stay, but he just gives us an empty stare and rides away into the sunset. Soon we realize that the only thing we have left from our good-looking visitor are the memories and we can't help but feel cold inside and out. But it isn't from our lost love, because while we all were distracted and googly-eyed over Mr. Charming, Old Man Winter blew in on his dog sled and took over the town!

I know my husband is very excited about the approaching deer hunting season and I'm excited about my new book "The Keys to Paradise" coming out next month. I really had a lot of fun with the story and its diverse characters.

Somewhere in her heart, Jules Neuberg, found the strength to forgive her husband for impregnating a woman he claimed was a stranger. But when his wealthy parents convince him to make it work with the mother of his child, Jules’s whole world crashes from the unexpected.

With her divorce in the works, Jules’s friends aren’t about to let her spend an anniversary alone and book a surprise vacation to Key West, Florida. Hearing about their plan, Jules refuses to go, but hastily changes her mind learning about the birth of her husband’s son.

Once in Key West, Jules struggles to find the energy to fake a good time and decides to forget everyone else and work on pleasing herself. When Dalian Carter, the gorgeous resort owner, suddenly finds her interesting, she wonders if he could possibly be for real.

Are the tropical winds of paradise whispering lasting love or a heartbreak hurricane?

Happy Halloween!


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