Unexpected Joys of Christmas

I'm so happy to celebrate Jesus's birthday but I admit that some years I struggle to get into the holiday mood. I prayed a few weeks ago for something to happen that would give me a shot of Christmas spirit. ( No, I'm not talking alcohol) I wanted something that would bring back some of the excitement and holiday magic that I felt when I was a child. Then a few weeks ago something unexpected happened. But before I say what, I need to back the story up to where it actually started six years ago.

It was around Christmas time when my husband and I ran errands in Park Rapids and we made several stops. When we returned home, I noticed that I had lost one of my earrings. I was devastated because it was one of my favorites that I had for years, and it was made out of eighteen-karat Italian gold. I called everywhere we went earlier that day and one business said they had a yellow gold hoop earring in their lost and found. I raced back to Park Rapids (twenty miles a way) and was disappointed to find it wasn't there. I wondered about the honesty of the worker I spoke to on the phone. His shift had ended and he had gone home for the day. I was sad but decided to keep the other earring thinking I could maybe get something for the gold.

This year I was talking to my sister on the phone as I rummaged through a huge bag that contained all of my gift bags. I got frustrated because various sized bags were mixed together and I couldn't find the ones I wanted. I pulled all the bags out and started to organize them when I found an old brown paper shopping bag that I had gotten from a business in St. Cloud at least ten years ago. It was torn and I wondered why I kept it. Thinking it was empty, I was about to crunch it down and throw it into the trash, when for some reason I looked inside. I found a gorgeous red ribbon and my earring that I lost six years ago on the bottom of the bag. None of it made any sense but I felt like God had given me a special present.

Last Sunday evening we went to a Christmas program at a local church and  I was amazed at all the work that was put into the performance. A young woman in the congregation volunteered her time to be the coordinator for the entire thing and did an exceptional job. There were seven scene changes and the music selection and costumes were perfect. I still can feel the drums beat in my chest when King Herod came into the scene and hear the middle-eastern flute music when the three wisemen entered with their camel. I watched the eyes of the people in the crowd, especially the children, and saw how enthralled they were as the actors moved around the pews. It was a performance I won't forget and one I thought I would never see at a small town church. It had a great message about our savior's birth and it really filled the longing in my heart with some Christmas magic.

Merry Christmas to all!


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