Quieting Your Thoughts

My husband put some tallow out on a tree outside the window for the birds to eat. The tree isn't far from the house and this afternoon I sat at my desk and watched a small woodpecker eat away at the treat hanging from the tree. Every once in a while, he'd stop and barely move and I wondered if something was wrong. I opened the door to see and to my relief, he flew away. He came back a few minutes later and did the same thing again. I thought about him and concluded that he was content because he was out of the wind and near food. It's amazing to see how easily animals naturally accept and adapt to their environment. I wish as humans we could do the same thing.

Someone once said, "The more you have, the more you have to worry about."

In this modern age we have so much more than our grandparents did — more money, vehicles, toys and gadgets. We do more traveling and have more technology to make our lives easier. Great medical advances have been made possible using modern technology and those breakthroughs are keeping us alive longer. Now days it's easier to keep an eye on your house or cabin when you're away and most people have an automatic start on their vehicle. And let's not forget about multitasking Alexa.

No one can argue that technology has helped us to live better and faster. But have you ever thought about all the ways technology has hurt our lives?

First of al think about all the stress involved in a faster world. I read years ago that stress can actually shrink your brain. I guess that isn't a problem for some folks because they have a smart phone to do all the thinking for them. Some children and adults don't have any idea how to do basic math without a device to do it for them. Family time is nonexistent in some family units because the majority of the time members are tuned into their phones. Most of us have seen that family who dine out and don't interact.They know more about what's going viral on Tik-Tok than what's going on in their own family.

We're constantly worrying about hackers and we spend lots of time and money to keep them at bay. We spend even more time charging up our multiple devices. How many times have you awakened to find that you forgot to charge your phone the previous night and now it's set your whole day off? Sure you can charge it on the way to work, but what if you forget? More people than ever are on some type of anti-depressant and/or sleeping pills. I believe a lot of it stems from being constantly bombarded with an overwhelming fast flow of information and expectations that result from technology.

On the lighter side, I think we all need to take a break and clear our thoughts once in a while. A few minutes to just listen to the wind go through the trees or to ourselves while we breathe. I call it quieting the mind and other's may call it purposeful meditation. I often end my session in prayer. Either way it can be a great way to shut out the stress. Who knows? Maybe I just need to focus on my friend, the woodpecker to learn how to be happy and contented in this ever changing world. 🌎

Wishing you quiet moments!


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