When Less is More

Living in northern Minnesota we tend to have snow longer than the central or southern part of the state. It's usually only a few weeks but sometimes it can be close to a month. We have a shed where the snow rolls off the roof and collects onto the north side and doesn't melt as quick as the rest of the yard. I call it our glacier because the bottom half always forms into ice . Every year I keep track of when our 'glacier' melts and it's generally around May 14th. This year it snowed a lot and our ice blob is bigger than I can ever remember. I'm thinking it could be a record setter.

We still have some huge snow banks, but in general things are finally starting to  melt. The deep white patches are getting smaller and the air smells like spring. You can walk outside and hear the birds singing in celebration. It seems everything is starting to transform into the time of year that everyone has been waiting for and dreaming about.

Already our social calendar is starting to fill up with activities for the summer with family and friends. We have a family wedding and have planned some small events we would like to attend. I don't really like to take lengthly vacations during the summer because it's the best time of the year here in our area. I do love seeing everyone and I'm excited about getting together, but the best part of the summer for me is being home to enjoy my own little slice of paradise.

Many people with children think they have to entertain them constantly with bigger and better vacations all summer long. I think there's nothing wrong with having a vacation or two to look forward to but sometimes less can mean a lot more. I asked my daughter one time what was her best memory of the summer. To my surprise it wasn't the actual the trip to the Black Hills, it was us as a family singing songs with the radio as we drove. I think many times it's the smaller things that we as adults appreciate and it appears children do too.

So whatever your situation is, it isn't always about the lavish vacations or packing the days full of activities. Sometimes doing less can help you enjoy and appreciate the summer a great deal more.

Whatever your plans are for this summer — take the time to really enjoy it!



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