The Beauty of Time Spent Alone

I read an article about some authors who rent a hotel room for a few days whenever they're behind on an important deadline. During that time they avoid all family, friends, television and social media in order to achieve their goal. It sounds like one of those movies where a monk goes to a remote mountain top and takes a vow of silence. I believe they call that quieting the mind and I guess if you can do it, the more power to you. But strangely, some people I know try to avoid spending any time by themselves. I think a little alone time can be beneficial in many ways. I'm not talking about always being alone. All I'm saying is a couple of minutes or perhaps a few days to yourself can rejuvenate things in your life.

Spending time alone can be an opportunity to declutter, reorganize and clear your thoughts. A slice of solo time can work wonders when you're trying to make a hard decision. Who knows? Some quiet alone time could lead you to the perfect solution. Solitude gives you a chance to let your thoughts go; making you more relaxed and creative. Being alone a few minutes a day to meditate or pray can also help to calm you.

We all have certain things that we'd rather do alone. Maybe we just want to do it our way and don't want anyone telling us how do it. I like to read the directions first while my husband likes to dive in head first. In the end, the project gets done but sometimes it could have been easier or more relaxing had we followed a plan. I also find that when I'm alone I get more things off my to do list. It's usually tasks that have been bugging me for a while. A collection of things that I've wanted to tackle but have been putting off due to lack of time or a moment alone. It can be as simple as spray painting something, repotting a house plant or even cleaning out my car. Getting those small projects accomplished always gives me a sense of contentment knowing I don't have to think about them anymore.

There's one more thing I want to mention about the beauty of time spent alone. There's an old saying that absence can make a heart fonder. So next time you're alone for an extended period of time, think of it as a spring cleaning for your mind and maybe your love life as well.

Happy thoughts to you!



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