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I'm really excited to be working on an eighties rock and roll romance called 'Between a Rockstar and a Hard Place.' It's been so much fun reminiscing about how the world was back then — fun and less stressful. I remember the rock bands of the eighties and how many were referred to as the 'Hair Bands' because of their wild long hair. Bands like Van Halen, AC/DC and Def Leppard were king with their electric guitars and everyone was dancing wherever a good band was found. One of my favorites was a group called 'Tears for Fears' and I still reflect on the eighties whenever I hear one of their songs on the radio.

Back then some of the young girls were mimicking Madonna with her heavy make-up and bold fashions that included fish net stockings, gloves and lots of big jewelry. She always topped off her look with some kind of a sparkling bow in her messy, half-up hairdo. I loved high waisted jeans and wore high wedged or heeled shoes and styled my long hair with feathered bangs. Jumpsuits were the happening thing and I had one in red and another in purple. When I wore the purple one I always put on my long lavender colored feathered earrings.

I'm very interested and would be thankful to hear comments on things that you loved or hated about the eighties. Anything specific to that time frame that sticks out in your memory would be so helpful for me in writing my book. It can be anything from what rock groups you loved or something about fashion, a favorite TV show or even a commercial. Please send your comments to https://donnalovitz.com/contact/ or post one on my Facebook page. http://Facebook.com/donnalovitz

Thank you so much and until next time — keep on rocking!🎸


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