Those Lazy Hazy Days of Summer

Do you remember the song called the "Those Lazy Hazy Days of Summer" by Nat King Cole? When I hear that old tune, I picture folks on the porch watching the sun go down with a glass of lemonade in their hands. It brings to mind the old Country Time Lemonade commercials and the calming voice of the announcer talking about the feel of grass between your toes, the sunshine on your shoulders and how many days it's been since you felt either one. All of it creates an image of what summer should be โ€” lazy and carefree.

Canadian forest fires have certainly made this summer hazy. For several days the sun rose like an orange ball and beamed through the smoke that many people assumed was fog in the morning air. The rest of the day was always hazy, but later the setting sun shone through the smoke and painted the world below with soft amber-colored rays. The lovely hues reminded me of the strawberry wine we make. (Our strawberry wine is made without artificial colors)

As far as the lazy part, many of our summer days are so crammed full, they come with a schedule and most end up far from relaxing. There's always an event or three going on in our lives. As children, summer seemed to last forever and it sometimes it was boring. But what's wrong with being bored and lazy once in a while? My siblings and I used our imaginations to invent things to play with around the house or outside in the woods.

These days children rarely have to use any creativity. Everything is done for them on the computer, iPad or television. And now with artificial intelligence literally everything will be as the name suggests โ€” artificial!

But with or without AI, the lack of imagination is evident in many books, movies and music composed in the world today. Much of the current work is taken from old stuff and has been redone or is a repeat of the same plots or the same sounds. Some of it can be blamed on the intense marketing that is done with everything. It doesn't matter how talented you are, it's about how well you're promoted. There's a window that promoters use and if something is different or outside the window, it's sadly disregarded because it hasn't shown itself to be profitable.

So the bottom line is: Let yourself and your children be bored and lazy once in a while โ€” it's good for the mind. If you don't believe me, read this article titled "Einstein Was Boring Before He Was Brilliant" at:

Have a great rest of your summer ๐Ÿ‘™๐ŸŒผ๐Ÿนโ›ฑ and enjoy these lazy, crazy days!


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