March Madness 😜

My husband recently went through back to back medical procedures and fortunately is doing well. While stuck in the house, he started watching the college basket ball games of the March Madness tournaments.

I was relieved he found something to do, but now I can't close my eyes without hearing cheers from the crowd or the squeak from tennis shoes on the court. He calls mealtimes and when the phone rings "time outs" and tries to have me schedule lunch during half time.

Last night he referred to going to bed as being benched, and once there claimed to reset the buzzer instead of setting the alarm. This morning as I stood in the kitchen he told me the clock ran out and I needed to shut the refrigerator door.

I think it's time to tell him that he's not scoring any points or going to receive any free throws or anything else for that matter, from the head coach. Maybe I'll throw in a shot about what the penalties are for too many offensive fouls and then remind him I have a few defensive plays of my own. Tell him that if he keeps crossing the foul line, hitting the back board will be the closest he'll get to sinking the bucket.🏀

Here's to springtime weather and hoping those warmer days are not to far away!🌼💐


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