Spring’s Promises

The very thought of spring promises so much. Everything around us is fresh and new and everyone is excited and hopeful about the options the nice weather brings. It seems the sky is the limit. We dream about the wonderful get togethers we'll have with family and friends — spending time at the lake, camping, swimming, fishing and planting our vegetable and flower gardens. And a few of us have been waiting all winter to do projects that we can only do when the weather gets warmer like building, painting and landscaping.

We make all sorts of plans, but before we know it graduation time is upon us and the party season begins. Most of the parties we really want to attend, but there are some events we go to only because we feel obligated to make an appearance. Soon we see our glorious summer time start to slip through our fingers like beach sand and we become a little more choosey with what's on our dance card.

My late father-in-law used to say that after the Fourth of July the summer is pretty much over. I tend to disagree. The last few years the nice weather seems to have extended into the middle or end of September. I know for some fall is the best time of the year, but not for me. I tend to be a little less optimistic because I'm not looking forward to the cold season that follows. I prefer spring when there are no mosquitoes, the flowers are sprouting and the smell from the BBQ is wafting in the air. It's a time when hope fills me and I'm excited as the season promises many fun days ahead.

May you hang onto the hopeful promises of spring the entire year! ☀️🌼💐


In the picture is my Bleeding Heart plant. It's my over achiever. All the other plants I have are only a few inches tall.

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