The Year of the Morel

It's official! It's the year of the morel mushroom! All the rain and perfect weather has made the delicious mushroom appear in places where we've never seen it grow before. We've had our cabin/house for sixteen years and this is the first year we've observed morels growing in the pine trees and on our lawn.

A few years ago, a friend showed us where to find morels in the popple trees and on the southern hill sides. Since then, we've learned there are many theories about where they grow —by dead elm trees, disturbed ground, flood plains, old apple orchards. There are several other places and it depends on where you live.

But even when you know where they grow, timing and weather are important, too. It has to be in the spring and it can't be too warm or dry. Our friend's guess is when the dandelions are in bloom, the morels start to sprout. Some say it's when the oak leaves are the size of squirrel ears and others say it's when the lilacs are in bloom. It's anyone's guess!

About five years ago my husband bought me a book called " Start Mushrooming-The Reliable Way to Forage" by Stan Tekiela. In the book it explains and shows pictures of what the seven safe mushrooms are: Morel, Shaggy Mane, Sulfer Shelf - also known as chicken of the woods, Oyster, Giant Puffball, Chanterelle, Hen of the Woods. Stan's book has reliable check lists that a mushroom must meet to be declared edible. The book also shows pictures and lists traits of fake or poisonous mushrooms. We have found and identified five of the safe seven and enjoyed eating our harvest without worrying  about harmful side effects. Bon appetit!

So if you are interested in mushroom hunting, I suggest you do it the safe way and get Stan's book. It's available on Amazon.

Happy hunting!


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