A Little Help From My Friends

As I write this blog, my website is on the fritz. I don’t know when I’ll get it fixed, but hopefully I’ll get this blog out before the month is over. I’ve only been late one other time when I had computer troubles. Experiencing issues with your website is almost like your child being sick.You just want them to be better as quickly as possible.

Modern technology is really great when it works, but it seems when you depend on it, it’s far from foolproof. I’m trying to be calm and wait for a technician friend of mine to respond to my call for help. I’m not afraid to jump in and do things myself, but I’ve learned from the past to wait for direction. It’s best to steer clear of the rocks and dive where someone tells you it’s safe.

Things have changed so much in the last years and it’s hard to believe how much I depend on technology. Like many of us it all started gradually for me. I had a job where I didn’t use the computer, but after my son was diagnosed with a terminal disease I had to make some changes. I needed to be in control of my work schedule and I started my own cleaning service. During that time I only used my computer to print out business cards and invoices for my clients. Years went by before I started writing romance novels and it didn’t take long to realize I needed to learn how to use a computer. I never completed a typing class in high school, so it was a real challenge. It was like trying to learn a new language.

Now after publishing five novels, I tell people that you really can teach old dogs new tricks. So, if there’s something that you need or want to learn, my advice is to tell yourself that you can do it and then go for it. I wonder how hard it would be to play the mandolin?🎵 Until next time, keep learning!


P.S. Does anyone know what’s going on with the oak tree in the picture from this blog post?

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