A Passion For Life

As I sit by my computer this morning I am so grateful to have what some call an over active imagination. I’m in the middle of a scene about a dream house that my characters are touring in book three of the Heartbeat Series — Only a Heartbeat Away. The reason it excites me so much is because I see it in my head before I bring it to life on the page. I really feel like I’m actually there — feeling the coolness of the shade trees on a hot day and seeing the lush greenery in the yard. I love the charming exterior of the quaint brick house and I can’t help but describe the endearing details — a white picket fence, climbing flower trellises, ivy and flower boxes. I’m seeing it through my characters’ eyes for the first time. It almost feels like I took a trip somewhere.

To clarify, the strongest thing I had this morning was two cups of black coffee. I simply pictured a place where I’d love to live or have as a getaway home and ran with it. I can still hear the wind rushing through the leaves on the trees surrounding the house.

I view my love of writing as my passion.That’s weird because before I started writing I didn’t think I would ever be passionate about any hobby. I guess it was something I had inside for years that was just nagging or demanding to be released. If you ask my husband he may tell you at times writing is my addiction. I can start writing and lose all track of time and I’m not talking just a few hours — I’m saying a whole day. It’s a good thing I have a loving and understanding person in my life to remind me to step out of whatever world I’ve created and come back to reality.

I know to some the whole thing sounds absolutely crazy, but that’s the way it is for me. Writing is a huge part of what makes me feel complete or right with the world. My husband’s passion is fishing and my daughter loves to refurbish furniture. I have a friend who lives to sew and another who can’t go through a day without reading.

Now I ask you: What is your passion? What’s the one thing or maybe you have more than one, that you consider your passion? That thing you can lose all track of time while doing? It took me years before I figured mine out. If you don’t know, hopefully, it won’t take you as long as me.

I just want to take this opportunity to thank all of my readers. Your support inspires me to dream and create which ultimately fuels my passion to write!

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