A Rock and Roll Romance is on the Horizon

It’s raining and windy outside and in my need for something to perk up my day, I’ve decided to setup a date for my upcoming book called, “Between a Rockstar and a Hard Place.” It’s a rock and roll romance and I’m planning to release it on October 22nd. It was so much fun to write and I’m very excited about it!

Here is peek at what  Between a Rockstar and a Hard Place is about:

When a small-town business owner and a big-city rockstar clash over a piece of land, sparks fly and passions ignite, setting the stage for a steamy showdown that amps up an entire town.

Lauren Graft, the fierce and ambitious head of her family’s booming sheet metal company, is on the brink of national acclaim. All she needs is the town’s zoning commission to greenlight her expansion—a mere formality, or so she thinks.

Heath Bender, the brooding and wildly famous rockstar, reluctantly returns to Pine City to care for his ailing, abusive father. Discovering Lauren’s plans to develop the untouched land that was his childhood sanctuary, Heath launches a fiery public campaign to preserve it for the children and wildlife.

The residents of Pine City are no strangers to the bitter feud between the Graft family and Heath, but few know the tantalizing secret: Lauren and Heath were once high school lovers, their passion so intense they had planned to leave town together.

Now, with her former flame back in town, Lauren must navigate the treacherous waters of old desires and new loyalties. The land they’re battling over is the very place where they once shared scorching, forbidden love, and the memories are impossible to ignore.

As they each vie for the town’s support, their unresolved feelings and simmering attraction threaten to explode. Can they keep their past hidden and their hearts guarded, or will the truth—and their undeniable chemistry—be revealed to all?

This book is sure to heat up those cool fall evenings ahead!🔥


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