Between The Things You Want To Do

It’s been said that anything worth while in life takes time and effort to achieve. I guess that’s true in just about everything: relationships, projects, careers, or hobbies. You basically get back what you put into it. I try to visualize what the end result will be and use it as a push to achieve my goals. But I used to focus too much on the less desirable things I needed to do to get there. I’d start out super charged only to get over whelmed and fizzle out. I’d let the obstacles have too much power and then watch my goals fade from sight and drift away.

Now, I realize facing those challenges are like crossing a river. The river can be  narrow or wide but it can be less intimidating if I take the time to learn about it. Knowing how deep the water is or how cold the temperature makes it easier to jump in and get my feet wet. And who knows? If it’s too far and deep maybe I’ll decide to hire a boat to get across? I believe — if there’s a will, there’s a way!

I never thought I would, but a few months ago I learned how to design book covers. I was so afraid I couldn’t do it in the beginning and now I’ve found — I love it. So far, I’ve designed the first two covers for my HEARTBEAT SERIES. Book#1—HEARTBEAT OF DESIREBook#2—REVENGE IN A HEARTBEAT.

I’m very happy how the covers turned out and I can’t wait to show them to everyone. But in the writing world the single most important thing you must do is get an email list. Without it, there is no way to let your entire audience know when you’re ready to release a book. A friend of mine asked why I couldn’t just put an announcement on Facebook. I will do that, but FB is a hit and miss. Some people check FB everyday and others only once a week or a few times a month. So I’ve decided to start a campaign to get people to sign up for updates on my books. If you are kind enough to sign up, you have my word I will never share your email address with anyone else. I will never email you to death and you’ll be able to opt out at anytime. I am so excited about my up coming books and want everyone to enjoy reading them as much as I did writing them. Thank you for being on this writing journey with me.

Here’s the link to sign up for updates on my books:  

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