February in the Rearview Mirror

Although it’s our shortest month, for many people February is the longest month of the year. Could the problem lie with what happens in the months prior to February? Usually by November we are busy planning for the holidays and by December, we’re into the thick of the festivities. Every year it seems more parties are extended further into January and by the end of the month we’re packing things away for the next holiday season. Maybe the reason February gets such a bad rap for being boring is because we only have Valentine’s Day to celebrate. The tiny month of February can’t compete with the action packed months we spent during November, December and January.

My mother always hated winter and whenever I told her I was snowshoeing, fishing or taking my dog for a walk, she would shudder and say I was crazy for being outside for long periods of time. I believe we all need to get outside whenever weather permits and get some fresh air. I also think making future plans can uplift your spirits. It can be as simple as what to plant in the garden or planning your next vacation.

People often ask how my husband and I survive the long cold Minnesota winters living in the northern part of the state. The last few years we have gone on vacation or should I say a ‘road trip’ each February. This year we had some medical things to deal with and decided to stay home. We did have a fun ‘trip’ riding in an ice race a few weeks ago. We rode with the driver during two actual races and it was a blast!!

I’ve started writing a new book ‘Between a Rockstar and a Hard Place‘ and the hubby has been fishing some. Earlier in January we had an ice storm followed by a massive amount of snow that left a lot of trees down on our property. Every day we try to cut down a tree or two and stack the wood to dry. With the amount of trees we have to deal with, we will certainly have a few bonfires this spring and summer. I guess that gives me something fun to look forward to in the future.

Wishing you more sunny days! ☀️


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