Housework Can Kill You- Or Just Stunt Your Personal Growth.

As I glance at my laundry room floor, I realize I’ve left a lot of things slide as I prepare to launch my book “Ryley” early next month. Housework has fell to the bottom of the list knowing my goal of becoming a published author is within reach. I know I should’ve washed my windows and done some fall cleaning this year, but reaching a personal goal somehow took precedent over everything else. I tell myself the huge pile of clothes will get washed sooner or later and if I can see through the windows enough to recognize objects outside, it will be okay.

It occurred to me that housekeeping and publishing have something in common. Some people can focus on cleaning and whip through their house in no time at all. Much like authors who can amazingly get out several books each year. Although, I’m in awe of them, I realize I’m a new indie author and I move at a slower rate. I’ve discovered that’s fine too. I believe as long as you’re happy and comfortable with your humble abode and in my case also writing, it’s all that matters. The key is to try and have patience while you keep moving forward. And no matter how daunting things appear, if you cut them into smaller sized pieces, it’s easier to conquer them. The most important thing I’ve learned is to focus on your personal goals and don’t compare yourself to anyone else because we all move at our own rate.














































Please continue to follow me on my writing journey as I reach a publishing milestone and launch my book “Ryley” in November. I will follow up on Facebook when and where the book will be available!


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