New Decade, New Dreams

I have a friend who says it’s important to have dreams and your everyday goals should be geared toward achieving them. He believes you need a reason to get out of bed and it shouldn’t be just to go to work, unless it’s your dream job. I think my friend may be on to something, because I know from my own experience that when I’m making head way with my goals, everything else in my life seems better. I have more patience and the day-to-day unpleasantries don’t appear to bother me nearly as much. I find that I treat myself and others better and I don’t let things get me down so easily.

The problem is that in our busy lives, our personal goals and dreams get put away in a closet in the back room. We think about them once in a while and tell ourselves, “Someday when I have time, I’m going to do that.” And then we shove them back in the closet and shut the door. It’s not easy to find the time and energy to work on our dreams and goals with all the obligations and responsibilities that block our path but I think we owe it to ourselves and our loved ones to try and make our dreams a priority. Who knows? Maybe working on our dreams can help prevent depression from creeping into our lives. In any case, what’s wrong with making life a little sweeter?

Hopefully, in this new decade you will open that closet door and start to reap the rewards of living a happier life while you turn your goals and dreams into reality.

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