The New Year’s Banquet

Do you ever notice that year after year we make the same old New Year’s resolutions? Topping the list are vows of weight loss, exercise, saving money, finishing old projects, or maybe even finding a new job. I believe goals keep us motivated and most of us find self satisfaction once they’ve been achieved. My question is: Why do some goals get left on the tread mill? At the beginning of the year we’re hungry for change and sit down at the table starved but end up too full to finish. Our goals end up like left overs pushed to the back of the fridge—out of sight and out of mind. Perhaps our eyes were bigger than our stomaches. So this year maybe when we chose our resolutions we should order a la carte instead of a full entree. I’m going to limit the amount of goals I make and focus more on the ones most important. This year I’m going straight for the dessert table…and publish my book!

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