The Race is On!

leftOn your mark, get set...go.... Holiday Hysteria...ho...ho...ho! Wouldn't it be nice if we could freeze some time during this busy season? Not just to get more done, but a way to preserve the quiet moments necessary to keep our sanity? A timeout to sip on coffee or hot chocolate while we watch snow flakes gracefully float outside. Or a moment to simply release a deep breath in front of a fire with a relaxing glass of wine. Sometimes, even a walk outside can do wonders for our attitude and repair some of the damage from the hustle and bustle. We found this leaf frozen in the lake, suspended in time. I feel it's proof of how nature calms and soothes by example. I may need to remind myself of that as I prepare to enter my book: Sowing Northern Fields, in Romance Writers of America's, Golden Heart Contest.

Whew! I’m Finally here.

Hi Everyone, This is my first stab at creating my own website/blog. I keep pinching myself because I can't believe I'm really here. I like to think of this website as hope to those who weren't born in the thick of the computer age that we too can learn enough to survive in the technical world. I guess the whole thing boils down to timing and how bad we want something. My dream is to be a published author and I would like to invite you along on that journey. I'm close to finishing the final edit on my book: SOWING NORTHERN FIELDS and need to decide if I should snag an agent or self publish? I think I'm going to take a few steps on the agent trail. I can always go back and take the self publishing route.                                                                                           ↓