Rethinking Your Resolutions

It seems each year we make resolutions to ourselves and others about changing negative things in our lives. And like every year, most of us give it a short half-hearted try and fail. It led me to think that maybe we don’t even know what making a resolution actually means. I decided to look up the definition of resolution and I found there were five meanings listed:

    1. The act or process of resolving.
    2. The action of solving.
    3. The quality of being resolute firmness, determination.
    4. A formal statement expressing the opinion, will, or intent of a body of persons.
    5. Photographic resolution.

So I looked up resolve:

    1. To break up into constituent parts; analyze.
    2. To distinguish between or make visible adjacent parts of.
    3. To solve or find answer to; solve.
    4. Determine, decide.
    5. To make or pass a formal resolution.
    6. Fixity of purpose.
    7. Something resolved.

I think the word and definition we should focus on is resolve. Rather than using just one meaning, I’m going to combine them all. Instead of thinking we are going to turn our whole world upside down overnight, we should analyze what we want to change. Is it a realistic or possible goal? If it’s viable, we need to break it into small doable parts. We then need to figure out possible plans and pick one or more that will help us be successful. But before we announce our intentions to the rest of the world, we need to put on an armor of determination and plant our feet firmly in our belief that we have the power to resolve any issue however daunting it appears to be.

Happy New Year!


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