Sail Away to Key West

As a romance writer I’m always looking for ways to keep my stories fresh and exciting. I don’t want my characters to be a bland repeat of the last ones, especially when it comes to the heroine or hero. I strive to keep them diverse and interesting.

I’m so excited to be working on my new book “The Keys to Paradise” a spicy love story set in the Florida Keys.

Here is the rough draft of the book cover blurb:

Somewhere in her heart, Jules Neuberg, found the strength to forgive her husband for impregnating a woman he claimed was a stranger. But when his wealthy parents convince him to make it work with the mother of his child, Jules’s whole world crashes from the unexpected.

Now that her divorce is in the works, Jules’s friends aren’t about to leave her alone on her first anniversary without the ex and book a surprise vacation to Key West, Florida. Hearing about their plan, Jules refuses to go, but hastily changes her mind learning about the birth of her husband’s new son.

While in Key West Jules struggles to come up with energy to fake a good time and decides to forget everyone else and work on pleasing herself. When Dalian Carter, the gorgeous hotel owner suddenly finds her interesting, she wonders if he could possibly be for real!

The heroine in the story definitely has some attitude problems as a result of the trauma she has gone through with her marriage. I’m really trying to let her be who she is. Keep in mind there’s a rule when you write fiction that everyone likes or can identify with a flawed character. Like in real life— no one is perfect!

Happy reading to everyone!


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