Surviving Winter

The subject I planned for my blog this month was going to be about protecting your mental heath during a long winter season. I did some research on the topic and I wrote an article, but after reading it, I decided I’d rather write about something fun. I thought instead of suggesting things to do to maintain sanity, I would just go ahead and write about something I did last Friday night that improved my sanity.

My husband and I and some good friends went to the Shooting Star Casino in Mahnomen, Minnesota to the Bachman-Turner Overdrive Concert. I’ve been to some concerts in the last few years that weren’t bad, but I didn’t feel were worth the high price of the tickets.

Without a doubt this concert was worth the ticket price. It actually was a two for one because Randy Bachman was also a member of the Guess Who. Not only did we get to hear hit songs from BTO, we also heard a huge number of Guess Who hits. The instrumental and vocals were very high quality and the history behind some of the songs’ origins was interesting to learn.

I guess getting out and doing something to improve my mood is a lot better than sitting around thinking about what I could do.

So, next time when the cold drags you down, get out there and do something fun!


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