The Gifts of Spring

Everyone seems to have a favorite season and mine is definitely spring. I believe it’s more than the warmer weather — it’s the way this time of year makes me feel. Some people don’t look forward to it because of allergies and I can’t blame them, but most folks seem to have a complete shift in attitude come springtime. Who can blame us when the sun is shining, the birds are singing and every where you look something is turning green? I especially love the sweet smell in the air and the pungent odor of the soil when we plant the garden. I also enjoy the musky fragrance in the woods when we go morel mushroom hunting. Add fresh cut grass, blooming flowers, campfires, and the magnificent smells from the barbecue and I’m in heaven!

Have you ever noticed how everyone seems to be in a better mood in the spring? I know I sleep better after I spend time outside and that could be a reason for my improved disposition. And of course, getting out to socialize with friends and family helps to lift my spirits, too.

But I feel springtime has something to offer that the other seasons don’t. It seems at this time of year we are filled with hope and everything is somehow renewed inside of us. I believe this must be a gift from God because the possibilities seem to be endless. It would be wonderful if we could contain those positive feelings and preserve them somehow. Maybe break out a jar around January 25th when it’s been 30 below zero for two weeks.That sure would be great!

I hope you had a good Memorial weekend that left you hopeful and renewed!

Happy reading to everyone!


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