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The Keys to Paradise
(A Tropical Romance)

Sometimes you don't have to search for a treasure — it may be hidden right in front of you.

Somewhere in her heart, Jules Neuberg found the strength to forgive her husband for impregnating a woman he claimed was a stranger. But when she learns the woman was no one-night stand, and that her wealthy in-laws want their son to make it work with the mother of his child, Jules’s whole world crashes.

With her divorce in the works, Jules’s friends aren’t about to let her spend an anniversary alone and book a surprise vacation to Florida. Hearing about their plan, Jules refuses to go, but hastily changes her mind learning about the birth of her husband’s son.

Once in Key West, Jules struggles to find the energy to fake a good time and decides to forget everyone else and focus on herself. When Dalian Carter, the gorgeous resort owner, suddenly finds her interesting, she wonders if he could possibly be for real.

Are the tropical winds of paradise whispering lasting love or a heartbreak hurricane?

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Only a Heartbeat Away
(A Modern History Romance)

A heart’s true strength is measured by its capacity to forgive.

All is fair in love and … whatever you want your lying ex to believe.

When Jolene Garrison returns to the small town of Watson to be maid of honor for her sister’s wedding, she convinces everyone that a great job awaits her back home. In reality, she has no job and few remaining options. And facing the best man — Michael, the sexy ex-lover who broke her heart — has her emotions tangled into a knot. But Jolene is determined to show him that their relationship meant nothing and that her real estate career is off to a dynamic start. When she’s offered her dream job from the town’s aspiring hero, she surprises herself and everyone else and decides to stay. Is it possible to exist in the same town with the man she once engaged in a sex-with-no-strings relationship?  

Can a scoundrel become a saint?

Michael Cameron knows he’s been a dirty, rotten scoundrel and sees what his bad behavior has cost him. He’s working on righting his wrongs but can’t seem to undo his worst mistake: hurting Jolene with lies and betrayal. His love for her is deep, but he believes she’ll be better off without him. Keeping some distance and his emotions in check at the wedding shouldn’t be a problem, knowing Jolene will be out of his life in a matter of hours. But when he learns she accepted a job with his high school nemesis and will be staying indefinitely, his world spins out of control. Can he convince himself to give up the woman he loves?

 Will the flame of Jolene and Michael’s love be rekindled, or will it dim with each passing heartbeat?

Revenge in a Heartbeat
(A Modern History Romance)

How much turmoil can a new relationship endure and still survive?

Can revenge destroy a newfound love?

Cheryl Langtree’s first full year of farming on her own has been successful, and a new romance with her sizzling hot neighbor Jake Cameron is beginning to blossom. But just when the future is starting to look promising, Cheryl discovers someone is trying to sabotage her farm — and their romance. Add to that, her spoiled younger sister – in the midst of a messy divorce — shows up and moves in, throwing chaos into Cheryl’s world. Still haunted by her own past, Cheryl tries to help her sister put her life back together and sees her own start to fall apart.

 Their fiery romance ignites an explosive family feud.

Jake will go up against anyone to prove his love for Cheryl — even his mother, who refuses to accept their relationship and tries to maneuver Jake’s ex-fiancée back into his life. When the Cameron family forms a corporation, hostilities between Jake and his brother, Michael, intensify and rivalries build. Jake and Cheryl’s romance is fatally threatened when one of his own partners goes to extremes for revenge.

 Will Jake and Cheryl’s newfound happiness survive, or will it be gone in a heartbeat?

Heartbeat of Desire
(A Modern History Romance)

Love doesn’t always grow where it’s planted, but sometimes it grows wild where you least expect ….

A single woman operating her own farm in 1972? That’s crazy! But one woman’s determination to be successful intrigues two brothers and sparks a rivalry between them to possess her.

Newly widowed Cheryl Langtree has sworn to fulfill three promises to her late husband: to continue running the family farm, to raise their young son, and to be happy.

Romance is the last thing on her mind when neighboring brothers Michael and Brett Cameron vow to compete for her heart — and her land. Fueled by desire for both, the brothers invent creative ways to get into Cheryl’s world and are arrogant enough to believe nothing is off limits — including church and using their own mother — to get their way.

Thrown together by an unexpected event, Cheryl finds herself in the arms of the third and eldest Cameron brother, Jake, who is engaged to the woman of his dreams. Or at least his mother seems to think so.

When the Cameron brothers’ feud intensifies, it threatens a budding relationship — but will it destroy their family’s legacy as well?

Ryley (A Christmas Romance)

She’s climbing the steps to her dreams, and he’s shaking up more than her corporate ladder!

Faithful to her friends and determined to follow in her father’s successful footsteps…

Advertising executive Ryley Sanders is fresh from her girls getaway to Paris and ready to take her career to the next level. Her eye is on the director’s position at her company, and nothing is going to stand in her way. She’s the golden girl of the agency and usually heads up projects solo, so when her boss hires hunky executive Matt Kantor to co-head with her on a major campaign, it puts a crucial glitch in her plans.

Will Ryley learn to work with Matt—and can they keep it strictly professional?

Ryley isn’t thrilled about sharing the limelight with the new guy, especially when she wants to shine alone in the eyes of upper management. Charismatic Matt has his own ideas that have swayed their boss into siding with him on vital campaign decisions.

Love isn’t on their agenda, but will it be what it takes to seal the deal this Christmas?


Ryley Reviews:

Diane P

An excellent story full of emotion. This is an I don’t-want-to-put-down book.

I found myself cheering for the main characters, then clenching my teeth wondering what was going to happen next. I cried. Then I cheered. This story took me on a delightful emotional rollercoaster. The conflicts were perfect and the resolutions well-timed and plausible. I am grateful the author sent me an advance reader copy (ARC). And I look forward to reading more from this author.

Katie S.

Sweet romance that’s hard to put down.

This book is an easy to read, page turning sweet romance that you will want to read start to finish. The characters emotions pour on to the pages and you will definitely feel for the main character Ryley. I I highly recommend this book for anyone that enjoys a good love story with a few added twists.



Truly brilliant writing, fantastic dialogue and a story that is romantic, charming, emotional and fun. These characters stole my heart. Very hard to put down.