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Soon to be Published…Heartbeat of DesireLove like a flower doesn’t always grow where you plant it, but it can grow wild where you least expect it!

In the Red River Valley of Minnesota the soil is rich along with the successful farmers who grow sugar beets for a living. Cheryl Langtree is a young, grieving widow, determined to carry out her husband’s dying wish. At his death bed, she and their four-year-old son promise to strive to be happy and continue farming without him. Despite being raised on a farm herself, a single mother farming alone in 1973 was unheard of especially in the small town of Watson. Soon Cheryl finds herself relentlessly pursued for her heart as well as her land, by two wealthy brothers whose family farm adjoins her property. Caught up in her grief and giving her son a happy life, Cheryl isn’t looking for any type of romance, but that doesn’t stop the handsome Cameron brothers from competing for her affection. They are forced to come up with creative ways to get into Cheryl’s world, and both are arrogant enough to believe nothing is off limits including church or using their own mother. But what Michael and Brett Cameron forget is that using too much fertilizer isn’t always a good thing. Then in a twist of fate, Cheryl finds herself in the arms of the eldest and third Cameron brother, Jake, who is engaged to the woman of his dreams or at least his mother seems to think so. Meanwhile the church ladies are trying to piece together a quilt as well as what’s going on with those goodlooking Cameron boys. Love grows in a serious, yet sometimes comical way, complete with historical facts, idle gossip and seventies music references. Heartbeat of Desire has been nominated as a finalist in the Modern History Category in the 2018 Romance Through the Ages (RTTA) contest. Sponsored by the Hearts Through History Writers Group